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Colorado springs, colorado, United States
I have had a passion and a need for a woman that would care for me and discpline me when needed i have looked all over Colorado and can not find her this is not a sexual thing for me just looking for a woman that would be a freind and discpline me when needed i live in colorado springs colorado I'am a age player and love to role play, I"am seeking a strict step mother type kind,careing,lovinig she can hold me accountable for my actions past to present

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Kind and caring but strict woman Need

I’am Seeking a female  Mommy disciplinarian someone who listens to you. It should not be someone who is only interested in spanking your bottom. A disciplinarian should be someone who is going to provide you guidance in making positive changes in your life. The disciplinarian should have your best interests at heart. The person should be someone who will tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. Another quality that I look for in a disciplinarian is someone who is strict, but yet kind. The disciplinarian while holding you accountable and giving you the discipline you deserve should be someone who will hug and forgive you after the spanking is over. A disciplinarian should be someone who you can have regular contact with, outside of a discipline session I"am a single male looking for a strict female that can help me to set goals thru old fashioned corporal punishment and rules Please be serious I"am In need of some one that would really care for me.I was rasied in foster care and did not have that maternal caring that was needed in my life I"am looking for it now .yes i need spankings and scoldings i have a long list of things that i Need to be punished for and would love to share them with a kind and caring but strict woman if this sounds like you please contatct me i would love to chat with you.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Boy this really hits home because i went to jail on Sunday
for a fine i did not pay a year ago i was out of money and i
could not pay it but i will see what will happen
I might go to jail i hope not,
i really need to find a woman like her to do the same
I really like this role play seen its great ,
there is a naughty boy in side of me that needs to be let out
I need to get in to that head space
I'm not seeking sex but I'm seeking a Friend that can help me
that can take me in hand
I also need to do chores and have my mouth washed out with soap .
if you are a kind and caring woman with a firm hand i would love
to talk to you


I wounder how that stings

Monday, January 03, 2011

I have been in to role playing i love to do this
hear are some of my favorits
This woman can spank
More to come

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

fake people

had started a chat with a woman who seemed very interested in helping me with what i need in life, we chatted on instant messenger, so i said i would love to talk on the phone she said she did not have the time to so we chatted some more
i did ask her i would love to meet and have lunch and move our friendship to the next level
she agreed, so she gave me her phone number and told me to call her after 2 pm,
the next day so i did she seemed meaning full and said she would like to meet for lunch on Friday but she had to see if her roommate need the car ,
i said OK and she was to call back or e-mail me i have not heard any thing back
so i waited a few days and then text ed her again ,
she texts me back said she lost her computer and phone all at once
now this is hard to believe she said call her over the weekend and we can set something up
so i tried and tried all i got was her voice mail ,
i can not believe people can be this way pull on your feelings like that ,
I'm for real why cant any body else be .
yes i have a spanking fetish and its hard to find some one to share your fetish
let alone its a needle in a hay stack