Sunday, December 13, 2015

Two weeks ago I Finley got a good spanking it has been a long time coming ,
From the incredible Mistress Clarissa .
For many years I have envisioned this for a very long time ,
Not getting spanked growing up and seeing my friend getting spanked ,
by his step mom for many years.
it had really got to me about being spanked and Disciplined.
I got my first spanking back in 2009 I won it in a raffle at thunder in the mountain's
It got me going and wanted more a year later I went to go see a Pro dome
it did not go very well and it made me want to give up.
I placed many ads to find a woman to share my fetish but with no luck ,
just men posing as woman to get there rocks off .
Last year on fetlife ,I got a Pm from a girl said she would love to be my mommy ,
We became friends I thought she is a switch so I thought this would be good
she told me she would like to make some videos as she makes them for another web site but she was a bottom. but she wanted to top
long story short  I built a web site for her and built a spanking bench ,
got a video camera  and made lights to shoot the vids .
she invited me up to her house to go over the website and she would spank me .
Well my truck needed tires and I decided to take a bus up to see her
she met me at the bus station ,
she said she had a couple of things to do before we went back to her house .
we went back to her house worked on the website took some photos for the website and watched a spanking vid as I watched it she got up and went to the other room  .
I don't know if it was a cue to get things started or not .
Well that did not happen  it was time to go so I could catch my bus back to home.
One day I was surfing the web and I found Mistress Clarissa ,
I emailed her and we chatted and then texted .
Then we met for coffee and chatted in person she was wonderful.
at the meeting I gave her a cd of a spanking  and it was what I was looking for.
and then I sent her a couple in a e-mail .
We met for a session Two weeks later .
I was a nervous as hell that day  I confirmed with hear the next few hours ,
I was really at wits end .
I pulled in the parking lot and was smoking a cigarette she text me "are you hear" I replied yes the next thing I know she was at the back of the truck ,
with a stern look on her face and dressed up like I wanted
I got out of the truck .
Followed her in to the house .
My palms were sweaty and my heart was racing 100 M.P.H.
after I got in the house she told me to take off my shoes and jacket at the door .
Then it was on she scolded me tell her what I did I told her and she took it from there .
She scolded and spanked me with her and various implements.
She is very good  I must tell you I felt like the naughty boy I"am .
I was there for a hour and a half  it seemed like 2 hours witch was great.
most Pros worry about the clock and not there feelings of there clients .
But she does .
I will go back and see her again that's for sure .
and it will be more intents of a spanking witch I really need .

To be Continued.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Aww the belt i love the sound and it must sting

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Its Just me

I took a ride today on my motor cycle i havent rode it in 2 years ,
its some thing to ride thru the mountains in clean air and the wind blowing in your face.
I came a cross a old part of a ghost town so i stopped and took a littel break ,
and eat some of my kfc i had as i looked around i wonderd what it would be like
to live in that year.
and what the pepole were like , and were they kinky two .
in the past i have seen some old vintage photos of pepole spanking but
how far do you think it goes back i wonderd .
i got back on my bike and road up the road and it realy got me thinking ,
why do i feel this way im a grown man but my soule feels much younger .
I guess i will never know this it some thing thats just inside me.
I guess its its kinda of a pain becuse its cost me some good realtationships.
with some awsome woman. witch i shou;d have married and had a famliy with ,
if i could have conviced them on how i felt may be it would have been better .
but when i tryied they thought i was nuts and need mentel help .
i stopped and took some more photos of the buetyfull trees and take in the fresh air .
as i walked around i looked at the aspen tree and took a branch off
and took off the leaves and whiped it thru the air and hearing it slice the the air
i was imaging it smacking my bare bottom .
I got back on my bike and headed back to the house i did a lot of thinking on they way back i said to my 
but then i thought im who i am and im not going to change.
and its part of my life .

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Kind and caring but strict woman Need

I’am Seeking a Mommy that's kind caring and has a firm hand ,
I dont know why i have these feeling s but i do and its a part of me
i have been looking for a very long time to find her
i love role playing and even getting dressed up like a little boy ,
most pepole look for a older person but me i like younger mommies
In guess that what keeps us young .
I like to age play different ages