Friday, October 21, 2016

She is a Tease
About one year ago I got this email ,
written :
My name is Sheila. It is so cool that you are from Colorado. I noticed that you are going to the Lone Star Party in Texas in May. I would be willing to play with and be your Mommy. I am really good at role play. Hope to hear from you soon.
Sheila ( I changed her name ).

We emailed quite a few times and I thought we would be good friends then she told me she was a pro spanker im not really in to seeing a pro spanker I want the real thing .
But she wanted to produce a website and do spanking videos .
she contacted  me again and asked if I could help her with that .

I agreed so I spent hours building a website for her  she even came and got me so we could take some photos and go over the website . She was also was supposed to give me a spanking for doing all this for her . Plus I built a spanking bench and a high chair  that she wanted .
when she picked me up she had to run a couple of earands and she had to have her tattoo fixed
witch took 2 hours  we went back to her place and took the photos and went over the website
then it was time to take me back to the bus  with no spanking .

Then all of a sudden she quit talking with me months went by I emailed tried to call her but she never got back with me .
then on Christmas eve last year she called me to wish me a merry Christmas I could not talk  at the time and asked her if she could talk on Christmas day she said ok she will call back .

I waited all day for that phone call  that never came .

so I just blew it off and figured she would call when she got time .
well that never came either . 

I put a lot of effort in to doing this for her and I got nothing in return and it sucks
 a month ago  I got a email from her that read

written :
Hi sweet boy.
I know I've been neglecting you.
I just have been so crazy messed up getting it together.
I haven't forgotten about you! Not in the least!
I have a cool idea for a new tattoo too!
Big Hugs!

So needless to say I got my hopes up again but just be blown off again
this really hurts .

People should think about other people s feeling s we are human to

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I haven't blogged in a while I have been so disappointed on trying to find a woman to give me the spanking that I need . for many years I have been looking for that strong but caring and strict friend that can become my mommy .
This is not sexual for me its about friendship , bonding , and some one I can talk to about any thing .
Because I never had that in my life .
Yes I do like to role play but its for real offences  both past to present .
I really love  how this woman spanks its a real spanking that's for sure been wanting to find some one like her for many years
Aw miss Nancy she was a great spanker to bad her website is gone she was the best spanker on the web that's for sure .

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Aww Miss Chris I got spanked by her in 2009 she is a great spanker

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Aww the belt i love the sound and it must sting